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Kalamera 24'' 40-bottle Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler




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STORES 40 WINE BOTTLES: Holds your collection of up to 40 standard size wine bottles as either a free-standing or installed cooler!
USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL: Provides options for internal lighting, Fahrenheit temperature reading, and easy LED display control!
FRENCH-DOOR STYLE: Stainless steel and glass doors open in the center to reveal each wine zone area.
DUAL ZONE THERMOSTAT: Keep wine perfectly chilled, according to wine variety and optimal temperature, by placing in different zones in the cooler!
BUILT IN ALARM: Alarm beeps and LED display glows if door is not properly closed, protecting your wine collection from temperature fluctuations!

Products Details

Are you looking for the best wine cooler to display your personal wine collection? Do you enjoy both red and white wines that need to be stored at different temperatures?

The Kalamera 40-bottle wine cooler is designed with dual zones so you can store your red and white wines separately, keeping each at optimal temperature! We've designed it with French doors that open in the center, made of stainless steel with two-layered transparent glass inserts. This cooler takes up a compact area as a freestanding unit or installed under a counter in your kitchen or bar area, and in that space holds up to 40 standard size bottles of your favorite wine! The bottles are properly stored on their sides on 14 slotted beech wood shelves, so air circulates evenly to chill each bottle. There's interior blue LED lighting to display your collection and provide an ambient glow. The control panel display is user-friendly, allowing you to easily turn on and off the interior lighting and control panel display light, to read the temperature in Fahrenheit degrees, and to set each zone to the proper temperature. There's even a built-in alarm that lets you know if the door was closed improperly or left open, so your wine stays protected and perfectly chilled.