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On wine cooler temperature
2019-08-14 20:58 Share:

On wine cooler temperature.

By Kalamera Inc.  2019-Aug-15

Most of customer customers would test temperature after buying our wine cooler, and they sometimes found temperature difference and fluctuation from the thermometer purchased.

Actually, it would be more accurate to test the wine bottle instead of putting the thermometer inside the cooler without touching the bottles themselves, in which the tested temperature is from the air. According to basic liquid property, its temperate fluctuation is way smaller than air.

Most of refrigerator is designed to control compressor working to bring down temperate, and stops when refrigerator reach the set temperate. And compressor will start working when temperate raises a certain temperate, which depends on purpose of the refrigerator. When it comes to wine cooler, compressor will resume working when the inside air temperate raises 7°F from the set one, while the bottle temperature stabilized at 7°F fluctuation. Basically, this temperature difference would not spoil wine taste or quality.

You can rest assure on our profession.