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Trouble shooting: What to do when there's ice in my cooler?
2019-12-12 23:13 Share:

What to do when your wine/beverage cooler get ice? A trouble shooting guide for you:


Wonder why there's ice at the back when the lowest temperature only 40 degrees of your wine cooler? We know you are worried, but take the below step and see what's going on.


See if the door is completely closed. If door is not sealed, inner temperature will not come down to the set temperature and compress will keep working, more and more moisture from the air will become ice within the cooler. In this case, just unplug the power, remove wine bottles and racks, melt down the ice with hair dryer. Clean it up when ice is gone. Put everything back the cooler, close door and plug in power.


Your temperature setting was saved and it will restore when power is back.


After a few hours, see if there's ice again inside the cooler. In this case, we just need to change a control board. Please contact our service team Service@kalamera.com. We will provide part if your cooler is in its warranty.